The scene is set in the office of the ‘Golden Promise Travel Company’ in Benidorm. Alice Drabble is the company’s Holiday Rep. She isn’t especially happy at her work or dedicated to the organisation, yet something unusual has awoken her interest in the sultry Spanish resort… too late as it turns out! Her dead body is discovered two miles out at sea, drowned, trapped amongst a newly discovered shipwreck. With damaged diving gear, however, murder is suspected. But who would do such thing…?

Senorita Gonzales
Senorita Jimenez
Alice Drabble
Candy Tinkler
Rocky Tinkler
(Lucky) Eric Braithwaite
Juan Adonis
Babylon Mist
Rag Rossiter

Lindsay Noakes
Chris Lang
Vanessa Morgan
Sheila Adnett
Sara Lang
Gilly Lee
Danielle Botting
Russel Morse
Nathan Smith
Jessica Botting
Mike Adnett