Our Very First Production  – Rehearsal Pictures

Act I
Hello, Hello, Who’s Your Lady Friend
Little Old Lady Passing By
Row, Row, Row  

Run Rabbit

If You Were The Only Girl in The World
Honeysuckle And Bee

Daisy, Daisy
The Bells Are Ringing
Let The Great Big World Keep Turning
Get Me to the Church On Time
Waiting At The Church
Why am I Always the Bridesmaid

I Love A Lassie
Flash Bang Wallop What a Picture
The Bells of St Mary’s

Act II
Here We Are, Here We Are
Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag
It’s A Long Way To Tipperary
Keep The Home Fires Burning
Any Old Iron
Don’t Dilly Dally On The Way
Me and My Shadow
On Mother Kelly’s Doorstep

Albert and The Lion
Where Did You Get That Hat
Juggling act
I’m ‘Enery The Eighth, I Am
Doing The Lambeth Walk
Sons Of The Sea
Bye, Bye, Blackbird

Good Bye Ee
Master of Ceremonies

Whole Company
Della Davies
David Roberts, Andrew Mackie,
Richard McDonald, Mike Adnett
Roger Darch, Bill Johnson,
Richard McDonald, Geoff Williams
David & Jeannet Roberts
Diana Bagshaw, Gerry Hiscock,
Andrew Mackie
Norman & Diana Bagshaw
Norman & Diana Bagshaw
Isobel Sykes
David Roberts & Gents Chorus
Jeannet Roberts
Marjorie Butler, Jean Chudleigh,
Pat Pamment
Andrew Mackie
Ian Miles, Richard McDonald
Jeannet Roberts

Whole Company
Rita Denman, Pam Jamieson,
Maureen Weal
Isobel Sykes
Roger Darch
Rita Denman
Janet Foskett, Maureen Weal
Pearl Hill with David Mackie,
Emily Hiscock
Ian Miles
Roger Darch
Gary Lee
Norman Bagshaw
Purley Kings & Queens Dance Troup
MC + Audience
Diana Bagshaw, Claudia Beckett,
Jean Chudleigh, Gerry Hiscock,
Hazel Prior
Whole Company
Ron Chudleigh
Anne Bolam, Sheena Tutton